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More than 25 years ago I, Holger Neuhaus, moved from my industrial hometown to Frankfurt, the "global village". I very much relate to the unique combination of local tradition and international flair which boost my passion for photography.

This passion was triggered many years ago when seeing the cover of the album London Calling from The Clash. The scene captured by the picture made me instantaneously understand whatever I needed to know about this band. It was obvious that these musicians would break all the rules, their performances were intoxicating - without me having ever heard them play a single note.

This vivid memory still incites me to tell stories. Not with words but through my pictures.

I’m inspired by the arts and by cultural events. People, scenes and locations play a big role. I pay attention to emphasise new facets. Always authentic. Close to the subject of my pictures. My way: PhotoArt by Neuhaus.

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Wann kommt das Boot?
Oh no!
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People & Lifestyle:

my focus is on you. Only the many facets of yourself will make you a truly interesting and unique person. That is why I do not make hard-earned wrinkles disappear magically when editing the pictures. That is also why I will ask you to interact with a vivid scenery. A homestory, ... you at work, and your hobby, in the urban wild.

Interested? Contact me and I'd be happy to explain more.

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Blue Brooklyn Bridge


Urban Ambience Photography:

Like people, cities have many facets. You have already seen the picture-perfect idyll on social media. As for people, I like to emphasise new aspects. Always authentic. Close to the subject. On the basis of architecture, art and vibrant urban life, I create my own Style. Style-N. Are you curious? Please be my guest and have a look here or on Instagram if you like my pictures. I sell urban ambience pictures in large sizes (preferably with an acryl finish).

Interested? Contact me and I'd be happy to explain more.

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